S and M Ranch Mini Herefords

S and M Ranch Mini Herefords


Welcome To S and M Ranch

Miniature Herfords

Hey everyone! Welcome to S and M Ranch. Home of our MINIATURE HEREFORD CATTLE. We are located in Texarkana Arkansas. We have both registered and unregistered cows and calves. We think this breed of cows make GREAT PETS and provide beef. They are also a VERY GOOD BREED to start out with children in 4H as show calves. These miniatures are a very docile, easy going and very relaxing to spend time with.  

S and M Ranch
S and M Ranch

 Our Mission

Our goals are to raise:

  1. Friendly calves 
  2. Good quality, healthy cows
  3. Easy going , easy to handle
  4. Pet quality calves
  5. Quality beef for the table                                                                 



What you get when you purchase from us:

  • Fully weaned calf about 6 months old
  • Friendly calf that will eat range cubes out of your hands
  • Fully vaccinated and dewormed
  • Tagged and Dehorned
  • Any bull calf can be steered at no additional fee
  • Registered calves will be tattooed and transferred to your name

For additional fees:

  • Registered calves can have DNA done prior to pickup 
  • Health certificates can be obtained for vet cost
  • Delivery can be arranged fee will be discussed due to daily changes in fuel prices.

A 25% Non-Refundable Deposit will hold any calf for you till pickup:

  • Please feel free to contact us, call, text or email for more information.
  • Sheila #870-571-4841 or Mike # 870-571-4886
  • Smhiggi5@gmail.com
  • Thank you for visiting our site .     
Mike and Shelia Higginbotham